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December 14th- Electrician, Founder of DODIY.ORG (Oakland, CA)
January 24- Netherfriends (Chicago, ILLnoise) @ HIDDEN HAND


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Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Retrofit Records in Tallahassee

If you’re not going to the fest this weekend and you’re in Tallahassee, you’re fucking up big time! Jessica Lea Mayfield is a national act who is only gonna get bigger, she sings a very well tuned folk with a backing band and a great up and coming female vocalist



We’re incredibly proud and excited to host this event. Jessica Lea Mayfield (Kent, OH - Nonesuch Records) is an amazing singer/songwriter and all around musical talent! Even though she’s only 22, she’s collaborated with some of the best musicians and songwriters currently in the music industry. Whether singing backup vocals on Black Keys albums, or doing duets with the Avett Brothers, Jessica’s heartfelt voice is always apparent. This is definitely not a show to m

iss! We’re going to dedicate this one to the heartbroken, and the lovers. 


"Meeting, matching, looking for love and struggling to keep it are all subjects for songs on Jessica Lea Mayfield’s new album, Tell Me. Mayfield is just 21, but her songs are wry and blunt; they ring with bitter experiences. These songs are unmistakably about heartbreak, but this time around, it’s not always Mayfield’s heart getting broken." - NPR

"Ohio neo-country singer Jessica Lea Mayfield writes eloquently analytical love songs. With her languid drawl suggesting an interior monologue rather than an actual conversation— as if she’s thinking things out in her head— she comes across as a woman torn between her heart and her brain. On her 2008 debut, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, she picked apart her relationships like a scholar deconstructs a text, parsing out the finer regrets and conflicts right up to the point of severing the emotional connection between herself and the "you" she’s addressing. Tell Me, her second album, matches and at times even surpasses her debut in terms of rueful atmosphere and unflinching songwriting, and Mayfield works to break free of her country confines and showcase her vocals in new, unexpected settings. Blasphemy set a mood and sustained it; by comparison, the follow-up is positively kaleidoscopic, both musically and emotionally." - Pitchfork

"At 15 years old, Mayfield took to her brother’s bedroom to record a batch of her own acoustic songs, which ran the gamut from raw, aggressive folk tunes to world-weary country ballads. The recordings made up the track list of White Lies, her independent debut, which she released under the name Chittlin’. Only 100 copies of White Lies were printed, one of which wound up in the hands of Dan Auerbach, frontman of the Ohio-based blues outfit the Black Keys. With Auerbach’s help, Mayfield began attracting a wider audience. She made a guest appearance on the Black Keys’ 2008 album Attack & Release, singing backup vocals on the track "Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be," and spent a pair of years recording her official debut album, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, in Auerbach’s home studio. Released in September 2008 by Polymer Sounds, the album was a critical success. Mayfield supported its release by going on tour, serving as an opening act for bands like the Avett Brothers, Cake, Lucero, and the Black Keys." - Allmusic

"Tell Me is 21-year-old songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield’s sophomore effort and her debut for Nonesuch. Produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach (again), these 11 songs reflect a more ambitious sonic palette for Mayfield’s moody, broken love songs. While comparisons to Laura Marling are inevitable, Mayfield’s songs — and Auerbach’s production — touch but also reach far outside singer/songwriter fare toward indie rock terrain. Mayfield’s songs are darker, with more discontent, and all contain elements of the subtly sinister or perverse. In her Kent, OH drawl she moves ghostlike through a no-woman’s land of loss, want, and discontent, discarding what her protagonists already possess in favor of something much more elusive and possibly dangerous. The album opens with the rootsy "I’ll Be the One That You Want Someday," with reverb aplenty from Auerbach’s guitar, highlighted by a piano, electric bass, and drum kit. It’s country-flavored, but it pushes at those limits. "Our Hearts Are Wrong" follows suit with Auerbach playing even meaner reverb-laden guitar and an organ by Scott Hartlaub." - Allmusic

JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD (FULL BAND) (Kent, Ohio - Nonesuch Records)

OH! GEOGRAPHY (Tallahassee, FL)

PAT PUCKETT (Tallahassee, Fl)

WHEN: Friday, October 26th, 2012
WHERE: Retrofit Records (439 W Gaines Suite B)
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Oh! Geography has become one of my favorite singer/songwriters to listen to. He captures that back country, Tallahassee honesty that I have grown to love. He is also a mean basketball player and enjoys playing Magic the Gathering on the weekends. 
Photo : Old Florida
<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Fall Sessions by Oh! Geography & Daniel Moran</a>


Oh! Geography has become one of my favorite singer/songwriters to listen to. He captures that back country, Tallahassee honesty that I have grown to love. He is also a mean basketball player and enjoys playing Magic the Gathering on the weekends. 

Photo : Old Florida

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Gaines Street Fest 2012

After a crazy year of back and forths with venues, venues closing, venues opening, venues closing again, permitting blah blah. We’ve finally got our ducks all in a row for Fall and I think everyone on the street is getting stoked to the way of things again. 

Make sure to check out our google maps lineup of the set times for the bands!

I’m personally real excited on the two out of town bands, Netherfriends from Chicago at Hidden Hand at 11:40 and Home Body at 5:00. Watch out for Olde Fields hosting the familiar crew (Pat, Daniel, Adam) for folk goodness.


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Habitat, Quiet People, World’s Strongest Man @ St. Mike’s


▼ Habitat ▼ 
-New Orleans, LA
-new wave math rock

▼World’s Strongest Man▼ 
-Boca Raton, FL
-awesome punky melodic two piece

▼Quiet People▼
-local awesome dancy ambient indie

From New Orlean’s Community Records, comes Habitat, the new wave of punky melodic math rock. They are the prettiest series of sixteenth notes you will ever want to hear.

Also featuring Boca’s World’s Strongest Man, if you missed them when they came earlier this year with Terror Pigeon Dance revolt, this is your chance to see them again! They are an intense XVX two-piece from south florida. 


Really excited about this show. When I was in New Orleans recently we stumbled into a Chinquapin Record BBQ and this band played after Adam played acoustic. These guys are awesome and have a ton of energy they bring to a live performance. So much good music coming out of New Orleans and i’m ecstatic to have the chance to bring them here. Backed by a solid lineup of locals and WSM from Boca. 

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Grand Opening of St. Mike’s New Venue- East Cameron Folkcore/Samsquanch/Adam Reid/Oh! Geography

//Come check out the new St. Mike’s venue! We’ve all been working hard to bring this new space to you! It’s on Gaines Street immediately next door to the bar!

Grand Opening featuring: 

▲ East Cameron Folkcore (Austin, TX) ▲

▲ Samsquanch ▲

▲ Adam Reid ▲

▲Oh! Geography ▲
-venue christening chaplain

▲Little Lamplight ▲
- up and coming all girl folk band!

+to celebrate the occasion we’ll have cheap beers all night

It really does take a village, or at least a northeast Austin neighborhood, to build a band. The ten (sometimes more)-piece folk-rock collective East Cameron Folkcore is proof. Pieced together out of a wide palette of talent from the neighborhood of the same name, East Cameron Folkcore creates its own brand of big, cathartic, rock-inflected folk music. -Paul Carrubba (

$5 // Sunday May 13th
doors @ 9
show @ 10

brought to you by Songs Made of Wood booking. //
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Student groups holding concert to benefit Refuge House Saturday

hoozah. Young Adult just got added to this show as well.

Two student activist groups, Empowering Women Globally and Trafficked FSU, and Songs Made of Wood Productions are hosting a benefit concert for Refuge House at 9 p.m. on Saturday at the Warehouse, 706 W Gaines St.

Refuge House, a domestic violence shelter, opened the 360 Degree Transitional Housing in 2009 in part to deal with women who are survivors of human trafficking.

Proceeds from Saturday’s concert, which will feature jazz artists such 4:35 on Thursday and Fine Print, will help fund the program.

Cost is $5 and doors open at 8 p.m.

For more information, visit Facebook@Empowering Women Globally or emall  


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♕DUMPSTER LORDS♕ First Friday May Art Show @Renditions in RRSQ 


.Cosby Hayes
.Matt Shanaghan
.Robbie Kemeys Goethe

featuring performances by Quiet People, Oh! Geography & Daniel Moran. music starts at 7.

Renditions Art Gallery is adjacent 621 Gallery and Cosmic Cat Comics within Railroad Square.


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4.21 A Benefit for the Refuge House

Come see a night of Jazz music for a good cause.! 
refuge house flyer

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